Once upon a time you had a bike. Now, you still have a bike.

Back in the 70s, you were casually riding your bike on the nicely and freshly paved road with asphalt. Cool times. While you were cycling, you could easily hear a car coming behind you to overpass your blue thunder (yup, that’s the name of your bike) from miles away since the automotive technology back then it was something more than noisy.

2014, you are cycling on the side of the road and you got no idea that a Tesla is right behind you, almost touching the back tyre of your bike. No noise or whatsoever. Technology is awesome which could also be a great danger to the modern cyclist.

The solution.. Buy a Tesla car!

Well that’s one solution. I wish I could buy one but since I don’t have the money I will stick to my awesome 30 year old bike in pink colour that my grandma used to ride. However, I can and will definitely get the Backtracker.

Backtracker is a cool project on dragon innovation, ready for implementation, for which the company iKubu is asking you for funding to make this idea an actual product. The inventors are calling it the sixth sense of cyclists. That might be the best description of the Backtracker. And NO, they do not see dead people.

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Sounds cool. How does this sixth sense work then?

It’s a device which literally can save your life and it consists of two units. The front unit which is placed on the handle bar, detects a car coming from the rear when it is up to 153 yards away (140 meters). Besides the distance, the Backtracker front unit can also detect the actual speed (up to 100m/h or 160km/h) of the approaching car. The second device which is a light placed at the back of the bike under the seat. When a car approaches the cyclist within the radius of 153 yards, the light starts flashing repeatedly in order to alert the driver of the vehicle.

That’s it! Pretty neat and simple operation which also makes Backtracker an extremely valuable device for any cyclist.

Wrap it up! How much do you want for it?

For the early backers of the project, the price of Backtracker will be at $149 and for those who wish to wait for the official launch, they will need to take $50 more from their pocket. First units will be shipped around December 2014.


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