Cats are curious. Cats are cute. Cats are flexible and they are constantly on your dining table.

Ever since flat screen TVs introduced, cats lost another hot spot to lay their bodies which was of course the big surface of the oldschool televisions. Their choices of laying down got limited and all they have left is the radiator and your bed, couch, desk, toilet seat or wherever anyway you try to relax. They are just always there…

But what about when you try to eat? There is still hope my brothers and sisters.


The CATable, designed by Ruan Hao from LYCS, an architecture firm based in Hong Kong, solves a problem of your favourite cute pet, the exploration of the dining table. As the name suggests, this modern and unique wooden table, is designed especially for owners with cars. It is incorporated with many holes and passageways which are ideal for your little devil to explore and go berserk.

Your cat will definitely give it a try and fit in all small holes while at the same time, it will give you a piece of mind and finally enjoy your dinner at the exact same table. You will finally have spaghetti with no paws inside your plate playing with your fork and no fluffy fur coming out of your mouth.

There is still hope..


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