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Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod. Be the King of Waves

Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod

Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod. It’s wet and its hot! You must have heard countless times from the majority of people that money doesn’t bring you happiness. We are also among those people who support the exact same thing. However, we might all have to agree that money does buy you a Jet Ski. Have you […]

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11 of the Most Honest Slogans from your Favorite Brands


11 of the Most Honest Slogans from your Favorite Brands. Sounds Like a Lie – Can I get you anything Sir? – I would like a Coca-Cola and for my wife a Fanta Orange please. – I am really sorry, but we don’t Coca-Cola, only Pepsi… Dammit…!!!

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Garden Nightmares Horror Gnomes. Halloween Special


Does this annoying neighbour come to your door and rings the bell all the time? Time to him a lesson with your new Halloween decoration!

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Tired of Mowing your Lawn. iMow Does it for You


Who’s in the mood to take care of the lawn anyway? Mowing the lawn is not as fun as it appears in the movies. Especially if it is summer with gazillion degrees outside and humidity that reminds you of amazon’s tropical forest.

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Toasted Selfies. Because Taking Photos is Too Mainstream

Selfie Toaster

A miracle happened. Two angels appeared in my toast “I saw angels in my toast bread. I really did see two angels in my toast bread. This has to be a sign from God”. Granny Helen was so convinced that she saw the two angels in her toast bread that she called all of her […]

Read More Smart Plant Watering. Watering your Plants Gets Ridiculously Easy Smart Plant Watering Smart plant watering ? Baahh… I can do this by myself! You are not a farmer. You are not even close to a bad gardener. You are way worse. You like gardening as an idea or owing your own plants, fruits or vegetables in small pots around or out of your house. However, you are […]

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Creative Book Sculptures Bring Fairy Tales to Life

jodi harvey-brown book sculpture 14

Sculptures out of Book Pages? That’s a first! A picture is worth a thousand words. There is no doubt that you heard this quote so many times that you are about to navigate away from this blog post and never visit this website again. Honestly, I would do the same thing. Now that we know […]

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JIBO, the World’s First Family Robot

JIBO Worlds First Family Robot cant wait to meet you

JIBO? World’s First Family Robot? Even Rocky Balboa had one in the 80’s! It is kinda striking but do you remember when Rocky at the 3rd sequel of the famous movie had a robot assistant which fell in love with Paulie? JIBO is something close to that but way as you can expect, it is way […]

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11 of the Most Creative Bookshelves

daydreaming bookshelf Dripta Roy

Most Creative Bookshelves? Gimme a break.. On the off chance that you are not a big fan of books since you have your new shiny and amazingly looking tablet and you couldn’t care less about an article which talks about bookshelves, you are in the wrong place sister. OK, maybe just a quick look wouldn’t […]

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Backtracker: The sixth sense of bikers


Once upon a time you had a bike. Now, you still have a bike. Back in the 70s, you were casually riding your bike on the nicely and freshly paved road with asphalt. Cool times. While you were cycling, you could easily hear a car coming behind you to overpass your blue thunder

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