Jay: Hey. let’s meet for a beer? Say, in 1 hour?

Rob: Nah, I’m staying at home tonight. I’ll drink my own beer.

Jay: Huh..?

SYNEK can be easily characterised as the man’s best friend. Or at least the kind of friend that every man (and why not woman) knew he had somewhere in this world and beyond, but he never had the chance to meet. Until now..

Steve Young, the founder of SYNEK, brings you the art of beer brewing in your kitchen, living room, garden and what the heck, to your office as well. Who cares about your boss anyway?

YEEEEAAAAHHH!!!! Gimme details!

SYNEK is the vision of a young entrepreneur about enjoying your favourite beer inexpensively and fresh from the tap at the convenience of your floor, erghhh…. I mean home.

You simply fill the beer cartridges from a keg, tap, or at your local brewery and drink it fresh from the dispenser for even more than 30 days while maintaining its quality by the pressurized with CO2 cartridge. You also have the possibility of changing the temperature of the beer coming out of the dispenser, ensuring your maximum beertisfaction (a new word).

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How does this alien technology work?

  1. First you need to fill the SYNEK patent-pending bag from any tab. You can fill your bag at your local brewery as long as the brewer can fill a growler.
  2. Next, you place the bag in the SYNEK dispenser which fills your glass with pressurized and chilled draft heaven.
  3. The last step is really up to you. You either pour the beer directly in your mouth or you can use any glass you want. We highly recommend the first method.

I’m ordering it right now!!!

You need to wait until March 2015 for the first few orders to be shipped. The SYNEK is a kickstarter project which can be backed up  here (please do so for the sake of humanity). The SYNEK will be priced at $299 for the early backers and its official price upon release will be at $349. The cartridges cost approximately $1

The sooner you buy it, the better price you get. RUN!!

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