11 of the Most Honest Slogans from your Favorite Brands. Sounds Like a Lie

– Can I get you anything Sir?
– I would like a Coca-Cola and for my wife a Fanta Orange please.
– I am really sorry, but we don’t Coca-Cola, only Pepsi…


How many times have you been to a cafe and instead of getting the Coca-Cola Light that you were craving since hours ago, you ended up drinking a Pepsi which is a good alternative but not the same? What about Fanta Orange? Are there really any oranges used in the production process or is it just carbonated yellow water with flavors? What if there was a way to speak your mind about this frustration?

A clever website already did and it is expressing exactly what you are thinking about the big brands. They rewrite the slogans cleverly by adding a distinctive characteristic of the specific brand which does not necessarily come from the product or service but it can also be part of the overall experience someone had with it.

We shortlisted 11 of the most honest slogans and we present them to you without any (further) delays. Which one is your favorite brand and what is your experience with it?

1. Starbucks. Of course you meant Grande Latte! There is no way that you go to Starbucks and not order the biggest latte available which I am pretty sure it is served in a bucket in selective branches.


2. Wikipedia. For the younger audience, it has been the alpha and omega of your exam preparation and student papers. Even though you heard so many times that wikipedia does not constitute a reliable source, what you are always thinking is “WHO CARES?”. wikipedia_honest_slogan

3. Activia. That’s about it really. Whoever eats it because he/she likes it, is just lying. activia_honest_slogan

4. NSA. Even in casual conversations, this has dropped on the table many times as a joke (or not that much as a joke)nsa_honest_slogan

5. iTunes. Who does read the terms and conditions? You just tick that small square box and that’s it and you are done. itunes_honest_slogan

6. Wii. This is not really what everybody is thinking but what most of us have already done. Twice.. Or maybe more times…

7. Netflix. If only you could just watch something right away on Netflix without browsing for hours and then end up wasting your time watching a TV Series with Russian subtitles. You ‘ve got more serious things to do, like sleeping, eating, play video games. We ‘re busy people here..netflix_honest_slogan

8. Subway. The first thing you smell when you enter the subway as well as the last thing right before you set your clothes on fire.subway_honest_slogan

9. Pinterest. I am more than 99% sure that the initial idea was a combination of recipe book and handmade jewellery website. They just deviated from the business plan.pinterest_honest_slogan

10. Monopoly. It is the greed of money which overtakes you. Even in a cardboard game. It alwaus starts with “let’s have fun and monopoly”. Follows with the cursing and fighting during the game. Lastly, the apologies from all sides come after the game, one week later…monopoly_honest_slogan

11. Gillette. There are many rumours that in 2023, Gillette is going to launch a facial chainsaw with 30 blades. Looking forward to that.gillette_honest_slogan

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