Most Creative Bookshelves? Gimme a break..

On the off chance that you are not a big fan of books since you have your new shiny and amazingly looking tablet and you couldn’t care less about an article which talks about bookshelves, you are in the wrong place sister. OK, maybe just a quick look wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Even if you don’t like books, what kind of impression would you give to your new date who just happened to visit your apartment to watch a movie (pheh, heh, yeah right) and see that the only thing that might remind you of a book is a pizza delivery flyer.

Having an awesome bookshelf full of books (of course you don’t have to read them all, are you kidding me?) makes you look even more sophisticated and intelligent than you are. Even if you were ever asked a question about any of the books, all you have to do is fake a heart attack and everyone will immediately forget about that awkward question. No muss no fuss.

Before all the above happens, it is time for you to select your favorite among the following 11.

1. Bookman

Something between an android/robot and a bookshelf, this unique design is 70 inches high by 45 inches wide, made out of stained pine. It is a creation of the artist Kazmierz Szmauz who also designed the CDMan, the DVDMan and Videoman (I would expect something similar from the names). More pictures and details here bookman bookshelf

2. WoodCurve

A beauttifully crafted and handmade wooden bookshelf reminding you a couple of scenes from the movie Alice in Wonderland (or maybe your sight after a session of beer drinking games). Also available for purchase here WoodCurve Bookshelf

3. Equilibrium

A bookshelf designed by Malagana Design, illustrating the balance of bookshelf cubes on top of each other, giving you the impression that they will collapse at any moment. The books are comfortably and safely sitting within the cubes with no need of bookends. Equilibrium Bookshelf

4. Pulseline

If your heart beats only for book reading, then the particular bookshelf by Måns Salomonsen is the ideal choice for you. Inspired by the heartbeat, this uniquely designed bookshelf resemblances the love for reading. Otherwise if there was no love, it would have just been a flat shelf. pulseline bookshelf

5. Daydreaming

This exquisite bookshelf designed by Dripta Roy is as if its taken out of a cartoon movie, like the ones in which the cartoon character is creating a bubble with the dream scene while sleeping. A bookshelf which is really a dream. daydreaming bookshelf Dripta Roy

6. Tatik

Reading cannot be a group activity (yes, I know my dear students that you are doing it successfully all the time). It can only be a one man/woman show. You just want to sit, relax and read. Tembolat Gugkaev made this possible with the Tatik bookshelf by integrating an actual armchair in its form. The only part missing is an actual toilet which could be the next million dollar idea. tembolat gugkaev sitting bookshelf

7. Letterkast

Bookshelves contain books and books contain pages. Words are written in books and words contain letters. That was probably the thought process (between you and me there is not even a slight chance that it was) when the design studio de Leeuw created this piece of art of bookshelf. Randomly piled letters are the actual bookshelves which can be easily rearranged in case you don’t like how the letters blend with each other. You can even make your own four lettered words like FAKE. Yes, I actually said FAKE.

letterkast bookshelf de leeuw studio

8. USA Map

Even though this bookshelf is the actual USA map, it was designed by the Russian Architect Andrei Saltykov for his house in UK (already kinda complicated) as an express of his love to US. You need a lot of books to fill all states though. [link] an-american-bookshelf-in-london

9. Cave

It is surely more beautiful than just a cave and it is certainly one of the most unique and practical bookshelves. The design features a comfortable reading space within its form, making it very creative and practical at the same time. This wonderful idea was made by Hakura Adachi cave bookshelf hakura adachi

10. Magneto Shelves

As the name suggests, these shelves can be adhered to any magnetic surface, since each one of them contain neodymium magnets. Have you got bored of the magnets of your fridge from the cities you visited? Time for you to place books instead. How cool is that? [Henry Julier] magneto shelves

11. Super Mario

A video game lover built this bookshelf with his girlfriend because of what else, their obsession about video games and more particularly the king of video games, Super Mario. Check out a couple of more pictures here mario-1-diy-shelves


Do you like it so far? Check out a few of our suggestions below.

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