Usually it is one of the first things you see before you enter any house. Less usually you actually use it (yes, I know you hardly do it and we’re in this together).

Doormats can be welcoming or not…. so…. welcoming.

Either way, you can really tell a lot about the house you are about to enter or its owner from the doormat you find right in front of the door. We found the funniest doormats for you and maybe you can get some cool ideas for your next gift.

1. The Warning

2. The iMat


3. Just in case you are not thinking of just visiting


4. It’s always time for beer and you are always late


5. Better keep your shoes on


6. Keep calm, clean your shoes and then come in

keep calm-the-priceless-guide

7. Better behave


8. Be cool


9. Just in case you didn’t understand the bye-bye part


10. That escalated quickly



What does your doormat say?


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