Daisy.si Smart plant watering ? Baahh… I can do this by myself!

You are not a farmer. You are not even close to a bad gardener. You are way worse. You like gardening as an idea or owing your own plants, fruits or vegetables in small pots around or out of your house. However, you are so bad in this that the last time you tried to keep your small lemon tree well maintained, you found it so dry that Sahara Desert looks more humid than your full of spider web wannabe tree.

Daisy.si Smart Plant Watering

A good solution is to admit that you are the worst in gardening and get fake plants

I understand that fake flowers do not make a good impression on your first date. Especially when your date tries to smell the plastic rose that you sneakily offered to her by the time she rang your doorbell. But it is just that you cannot help it and you let everything living inside your house, die…. slowly.

Maybe give your date a smart ring

If you had enough of this situation and you would like to finally have some real plants with the lowest maintenance possible, Daisy.si is your last chance. But it really is, trust me.

Daisy.si is a portable smart plant watering device, resistant to sun, rain and moisture that allows you to grow your plants with not too much effort.

The designers of Daisy.si were so fed up with all the available irrigation systems in the market that they decided to make their own As it seems, they did everything and better than anyone.

What does make this Daisy.si that good anyway?

Daisy.si keeps your beloved plants watered constantly, at the right time whenever your plants need it.

It contains sensors which measure the soil moisture content. When the soil is about to get too dry, the water container transfers water via an advanced dosing valve making sure that no more than the required amount of water is used. The water container maintains the water at a room temperature and if necessary, it can be enriched with fertilizer.

What is Daisy.si going to do with my plants when I go on vacations?

There is no need to worry about leaving your plants for too long unattended. The Daisy.si team has already thought about the fact that you are lazy, erghhh…. I mean,,, you are going on business trips very often.

You can adjust the settings of Daisy.si from a website when you are away, via your smart device or PC. You have the possibility of changing the level of humidity, the amount of water which is released each time, set day and night function or just set it to auto detect and let Daisy.si decide when to water the plants.

Daisy.si is a smart watering device that requires only two AA batteries. The energy that Daisy.si consumes is so little that the batteries can last up to 2 years due to the intelligent way it operates with the automatic on/off function. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this for the first two years.

Certainly, there is a great chance that once the batteries are dead, you will not change them again since you will probably forget that once upon a time you had plants in your house that required some attention.

OK How do I get this?

Daisy.si was a project on indiegogo and as other succesful projects, it fortunately raised more money than the initial goal. This practically means that it will be commercially available very shortly.

Each Daisy.si is priced at $33 and the deal contains a Daisy.si plant waterer with batteries included, 3m of tube and 4 tube joint.

Small price to pay considering the fact that you will finally have some plants that are able to survive longer than a week in your apartment. First few orders will be shipped in Fall 2014.


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