Peeling an apple is sometimes boring,  time consuming and dangerous for your fingers. All you want to do is just eat a clean, peeled, skin free apple. The Super Apple Peeler by Konstar may be the right product for you and your kitchen.

This awesome apple peeler peels apples (try saying this sentence fast) and any other round fruit with thin skin in literally few seconds. All you need to do is place the apple in the peeler, turn the handle which turns the gears inside the device and the peeler peels smoothly and swiftly the fruit skin in one piece. When you finish peeling the apple, you simply turn the knob below the fruit and release the skinned fruit. It is such a secure device that you can peel one apple with a single hand (while of course you eat a chocolate with the other)

Who said that apple pies are difficult? Peel a dozen of apples in a minute with this super apple peeler.

When is your next time to bake an apple pie?

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