The ideal candle for romantic nights….. In Finland….. Everyday….. FOREVER!

This type of coil candle can last up to 144 hours of continuous burning. You light it once and it lasts to eternity. The only way to stop it, is only if you can travel through time.

The lights are off. What do we do?

The Candle By The Hour with the rustic and vintage design looks excellent in a living room of a mansion with a big brick fireplace and a carpet made out of Mammoth but it also blends perfectly in… a torture room. It is one of those candles you expect to see in movies such as Saw 16 where the poor victims are tortured by a melting candle which lasts of course 144 hours. In this case you need to fast forward the movie since its going to take a while. I would never recommend such movie.. It just takes too long for no reason.

I’m telling you, it just doesn’t fade..

The Candle By The Hour comes in different designs such as fire hose or rope looking candle. Duration of these candles also vary and one can find besides the 144 hour, an 80 hour or 36 hour candle. Still a lot of hours..

All candles are made out of 100-percent beeswax and they employ a patented self-extinguishing technology, which makes them safe and Eco-friendly.

A very unique candle which complements every living environment. A brilliant idea.


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